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Established in 2005 as a photography and graphic design based agency it wouldn't take long before knowledge of various media fields and mix of marketing would birth what is today CreativeVuze Productions LLC. Slowly venturing from brand and media management to full on production, campaign organization, and advertisement strategization, CVP has stamped it's brand as a staple media marketing agency in the Atlanta film & entertainment industry. CVP has secured the proper long-term relationships in the industry to help facilitate a vast reach for practically any marketing campaign in both Western and Eastern Hemispheres.


With experience in up to 8k video production, editing, and delivery, production management, event activation, artist media management, product advertisement, figure public relations including access to top entertainment events, parties, and red carpets, CreativeVuze Productions has definitively stood apart from its counterparts. Our leader, Colin Elliott, has spent over 14 years working with corporate labels, music executives, business owners, and artists alike, slowly crafting his creative mind to the world of engaging advertising and marketing inside the entertainment industry.  Below you can see our infrastructure and see the brains and skill sets that make CreativeVuze one of the leading media marketing agencies in the world.

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Industry Trusted

The Go To Team

Curtis Webb

Executive Producer

Nick Ferguson

Production Manager

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks


Joe Priestley

Technical Director

Kevin Jen

Financial Director

Sharon Page

Office Manager